What is the benefit of having a doula?

Women who hire a doula:

  • Have 50% Reduction in Cesarean Births
  • Experience 25% Shorter Labors
  • Are 60% less likely to request epidural
  • Are 40% less likely to use Pitocin
  • Are 30% less likely to request drugs for pain relief
  • Have 40% reduced rate of using Forceps to deliver...and so much more!!!
Your doula should be your support super hero! Your doula provides you with support from the moment she is hired until after the baby is delivered. The doula assists mother and child and even significant family members by coaching the mother and participating family on how to have the best possible experience during active labor. Your doula also teaches exercises to strengthen the bond between everyone who has a role in the birth experience of the mommy-to-be ranging from teaching alternative birth conditions, how family can offer relief to the mother, pregnancy focused meditation techniques and more!.

Do I have to have a natural birth to have a doula?

No! Every woman, no matter what kind of birth she is having, should have a doula if she wants one. The doula will make sure that during labor the mother is well cared for and has the birth she wants with out being pressure or forced to use alternative interventions unless they are absolutley necessary.

Do doulas only work with first time mothers?

Doula's work with any person who is expecting to birth a child, no matter how many children the mommy to be has had in the past. Even if your previous birth was a c-section, you can still have a doula help you in your current/future pregnancy regardless of your desired labor and birthing choice.

What is Ellenie's Birth Philosophy?

Your birth philosophy is your idea about how you should give birth and the method of delivering you believe is most suitable for you and the life you are bringing into the world. Many times women are led to believe they need extensive birth plans to have a planned, successful and positive birth experience. However, there are many doctors and hospitals that, unfortunately, disregard a woman's plan of care during labor and birth. For this reason it is important to know and stand firm on how you want to birth your baby. When identifying your birth philosophy you must be informed and educated on various aspects of the birthing process to know what options are not only best for you as an individual woman in labor, but what is available to you based on the location and resources available to you.

As a woman and trained doula my birth philosophy is that a woman is uniquely and perfectly designed to create and bring life into this world, naturally and unassisted if she chooses. Birth is a process that should happen naturally, and should not be rushed. It should take place in a peaceful and loving environment only including people who are willing to unselfishly support the mother through out her labor with whatever the mother needs during the process of bringing new life into the world. Birth is a beautifully sacred and intimate experience and it should be treated as such.

In order to ensure that each mother has a birth plan unique to her own beliefs, I educate and inform each mother of risks and chance complications as well as benefits and advantages of the variety of options that a woman can choose from for herself and child. During labor, as a doula, I am by the mother's side to ensure that her birth experience is a pleasant as possible and that she has a birth as close to her philosophy as possible. Birth is a special process and it is my duty to see that mothers have a positive experience through out this life changing moment.
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