Do i need to be able to swim to use the Aqua Park?

You need to be able to swim 50 meters unassisted with a life jacket on.

You will end up in the water, your head is likley to go under water and there is a short swim to get onto the aqua park from the start dock.

How do i book an aqua park session?

All aqua park bookings need to be done online, click on any 'book now' text on the website and it will take you to our easy to use online booking page.

If you are looking to add food, another activity or find out more on what we can offer schools, birthdays and corporate days it is best to get in touch with one of our team via our contact form.

Do i have to book the Aqua Park in advance?

Yes - advanced online booking is essential.

You must book prior to arrival to avoid disappointment.

How long prior to the session starting do i need to arrive?

You must arrive 30 minutes prior to your start time.

You will need time to check in and get changed before attending a 5 minute safety briefing before you sessions begins.

Is the aqua park suitbale for adults and kids?

Yes, the park is sutiable for both.

Some parts of our park are designed with kids in mind whilst some for adults, although it is all usable for everyone.
We also offers kids specific and adult sessions during the day to ensure there are no miss matches on the park.

Can i hire the aqua park for private use?

Yes the park can be hired for private use Monday - Friday.

Private hire is £675 an hour for up to 45 people - any people past 45 is then charged at the normal rate of £20 pp.

Do adults have to go on with children and what is the minimum age?

The minimum age for unacompanied children on the park is 8. Children as young as six can go on the park with one accompanying adult per person.

Everyone must be over 1.2 meters to go on the park.

Can we bring our own food and drink?

Fairlop lakes is a public space so yes you can bring food or drink onto the site. Fairlop waters also has some fantastic food and drink options in the main center.

Is there anywhere to spectate whilst my family or friends are on the Aqua Park?

Yes, you can view the park from all around Fairlop Lakes as well as watch from the main building and bar/cafe area.

Is there a car park and does it have coach access?

Yes there are two car parks at Fairlop Waters. We have a dedicated car park by the boulder climbing - this is sign posted as you approach the site.

There are pay and display car parks.

Coach and customer drop off is allowed in the main car park however we request all our guests park in the desiganted car park.

Are there changing rooms and toilet facilities on site?

There are large male and female changing rooms with showers after you check in for the aqua park.

There are also toilet facilities within the main center which overlooks the aqua park.

Do I have to wear a wetsuit?

No you do not, wetsuits are optional but included within your ticket for the park.

If you have your own suit or would rather wear a swimming costume or tight fitted gym kit that is also fine.

Can i wear shoes on the aqua park?

Only wet shoes are permitted on the park. These are available to purchase on arrival or you can bring your own.

You can not wear trainers or any other form of shoe.

R-Class. RC Collection. RC32

2 400,00 ₽Цена
    Пуанты со специальным звукопоглощающим пятаком

    - широкий пятак
    - средний подъем
    - средний свод
    - широкая пятка
    - большая коробочка
    - U-вырез со шнурком

    - Элегантный бесскладочный дизайн
    - Уникальная современная эстетика
    - Стелька и подошва прострочены вместе, что повышает надежность конструкции
    - Строчка утоплена в специальный паз подошвы, что предотвращает истирание нити
    - Натуральные материалы
    - Превосходный дублированный атлас
    - Супер легкие
    - Износостойкие долговечные пуанты